Massage Therapy Can Be For You

Massage Therapy is not only popular, but also safe and effective. There are up to 90 various movements and techniques of massage therapy that will make you feel better. It is an exciting career and a great way to meet people. Massagers will use the hands, fingers, elbows, and even the feet. The massages can be anywhere up to two hours. The therapist will often use more than one type of a massage this will also depend upon your age.
The benefits of Massage Therapy can help the back area, lessen headaches or migraines, and help you sleep better. In addition, it will help cut many other physical and mental issues down.
The rest of the article will explain in detail about Massage Therapy.

A Massage Therapist can practice with a license through the Board of Registration in order to practice and help people with the wellness of the client needs. Some Therapists use any combination of hot, cold, tub, and use of oil. To become a Massage Therapist, there are different rules in every state. After all the paperwork is processed, it could take up to about 6 weeks. Every application has to pass a criminal background check. You would also need several hours of schooling, and clinical practitioner. The Board of Registration of Massage Therapy will then receive the final score. There are many rules and regulations for a Massage Therapist to research. You can choose a Massage Therapy school in Texas you can choose one of many schools that offer full or part-time, evening, the times are flexible and receive a certificate in about 3 months. Some schools offer online classes, if you want to work at the same time you can. You will to have 500 hours of the hands on training as well. – top massage schools

There are so many schools to choose from for massage therapy, it can be overwhelming to pick one. However, each school is different and has wonderful things to offer.
Here is a list of some of the top schools in Texas that may be helpful to you:
Texas Center for Massage Therapy
Texas School of Massage
North Texas School of Massage
Texas Healing Arts Institute
Parker School of Massage Therapy
Ace Massage Therapy School
Hands On Therapeutics

The massage therapy license renewal in Michigan in every state has different guidelines and rules for renewal licenses for a massage therapist. Michigan is no different. In the state of Michigan, in order not to pay any extra monies, there is a 60-day grace period after a license has ended. Otherwise, there is a $20 extra fee.

Academics and My Self Realization

My personal belief is that the pursuit of academics and academic achievement is something of a personal nature. The common misconception within the general population is that academics are individuals who praise themselves and look down upon those who didn’t further their education. On the contrary, academics are some of the most kind-hearted, caring, and curious individuals that I have ever met.

My personal story begins with the pursuit of a Computer Science degree from my local university. I naively walked into the major thinking it would be filled with individuals who enjoyed video games, coding, and creating websites. I was quickly thrown into a world of high-end mathematics, data structures, and everything in between. The world of Computer Science was nothing like I had expected prior to attending my classes. I struggled at first I must admit, but the longer I stuck with it, the more I grew to love mathematics. I was in constant battle with trying to understand the algorithms and logic behind each and every equation that we were given.

In that struggle I discovered many different strengths and aspects about myself that I never knew existed. The largest characteristic that I didn’t know that I had was personal strength and determination. I failed many of my early tests and I was forced to leave my comfort zone in order to seek guidance and help on certain problems. Not only did I expand my limitations, I also interacted and networked with people whom I deemed much smarter than me.

The next value that I extracted from my endeavors was that of misconceptions about certain people. As previously stated, I saw my peers as talented super-geniuses that would scoff at the idea of helping me with basic principals of Computer Science. Despite my belief of this, I swallowed my pride and made myself vulnerable to them – admitting I wasn’t knowledgeable about a topic and I needed a helping hand. With fear and self-doubt in my voice, they agreed to help and did so with great enthusiasm! They guided me through the steps like a mentor would cater to their mentee – I was ecstatic!

My final lesson that I learned from the time I spent with my fellow academics was that of truly understanding what it means to be intelligent. I noticed that the people who made the most impact in my field were rarely the individuals who had perfect GPA’s or straight A’s on all of their tests. I was quickly brought to the realization that true knowledge is that of applying it and finding a solution. Fake knowledge is the person who memorizes and entire textbook or speech and thinks they’ll be able to solve real world issues.

All in all, the academics and individuals within higher ranks of education ultimately want more people to seek truth. To be curious in the midst of confusion and unknowing rather than scared and intimidated. Take the first step forward- it’s the hardest.


Education is something that is priceless and very rewarding in a variety of ways. The world is a difficult place in which to survive and it is critical that a person is educated in order to earn a living and advance themselves in a particular profession.

College is something that helps a person develop a career in a chosen profession. College helps a person advance themselves in chosen specialty which will hopefully develop into a lucrative and rewarding career. There are so very many colleges and universities located throughout the United States.

A Bachelor degree is something that is obtained through any four year college. A Bachelor degree in a chosen field will help a person secure a job and gain the experience and knowledge needed to help them move forward in the future.

In addition to a Bachelor degree a person may also choose to advance themselves further and receive a Masters degree. Masters degrees may be obtained in nearly every profession including Business, Communications, Journalism and Science.

In addition to college degrees there are also technical based schools which train students within a particular area of specialty. For example, an EKG Technician may not require a four college degree however a technical based school may be sufficient.

Normally technical schools award certificates to students over a period of weeks or months of study. A certification certificate will certainly not take a person as far as a college degree. However, for some people a certification certificate is a start.

Every American is entitled to receive an education. There are many Government based programs that will supply student loans and grants to those whom qualify and whom wish to further their education.

Receiving an education beyond high school can be quite expensive however, there are always ways in which a person may fund their educational costs. Government loans normally have very flexible repayment terms and the interest rate is more than reasonable.

Finding Scholarships for School

The excitement of being accepted to my school of choice, was an experience beyond the imagination. Then I looked at the cost of the school and I began thinking to myself, I could never afford it. I kept giving so many reasons as to why it won’t work out and how I might as well give up. Then I realized, this is my dream, why should I just give up so easily on my dream.

Then I thought, I can just try to raise as much money as I can, in order to go to school. I found out about so many different scholarships that I qualified for, and began applying. After weeks of searching, I finally received my first scholarship. The joy and motivation that I felt, was beyond amazing. That’s when I kept at the search. There are scholarships out there that no one even knows about. It doesn’t matter what situation that you are in, I found that there is a scholarship for everyone.

I knew that I was on my way to accomplishing my goals of finishing school, and beginning a career. Something I never thought would be attainable until I found the scholarships. It doesn’t matter what you are majoring in, you will find a scholarship. I even received scholarships for being a single mother. It brought tears to my eyes, knowing that I was on my way to completing one chapter in my life and starting a new chapter.

This is why I am sharing my story, to motivate others in order to staying strong and never giving up. There is a way- there’s so much funding out there, waiting for you to grab up and use. I mean I thought I was going to be stuck in my dead end job, because I had to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. However, being able to experience what I have, I know that I am better than that. In just a few months, I will be holding my degree in hand, ready to start my career and increase my income. On top of that, I will be more marketable, since I will have that piece of paper to back me up.

Finding scholarships, opened a new door for opportunities for me. Now I am able to show others that you can do this and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I know it sounds cliché, but this is the exact feeling that you get once you know that you are on your way. Scholarships are the most important things to find next to grants and other financial aid.

I knew that the years would fly by, and I was right. Now, I am hoping that you can get the same feeling. Find the aid that you are in need of and start climbing your way to accomplishing your goals. I will tell you it will be overwhelming at first, however you will definitely get through it.

Getting My College Degree

32kb-flip-side1As I was growing up I enjoyed getting an education. It was a high point in my life as a child. My favorite subjects were business math and everything to do with English, like literature and creative writing.

As I entered my senior year of high school I knew graduation was coming up fast. Both my parents had a college degree, so I knew how important it was to further my education after high school. I know every job in this world is important, but I wanted more options for a job, for my life. Plus I wanted a career in something I enjoyed doing, not just a job to pay the bills. I decided to go attend college after high school.

When I first started going to college I wanted to be a journalist. After my first semester in the journalist field, I had a gut feeling it was not a good career for me. I love writing of all kinds, but I really didn’t want to be on the road or away from home too much. Before the beginning of my second semester in college I changed my degree to accounting.

Accounting is a lot of math, which I enjoyed doing. I never enjoyed geometry in high school, but I have always enjoyed doing algebra and business math. I enjoyed all my accounting classes in college. I knew this would be the career field I wanted to be in once I earned my college degree.

I was excited to be getting my accounting degree. I knew it would open more doors for me for a better paying job and more job opportunities. When I finally graduated from college I had a bachelor of science degree with accounting major and an English minor.

My degree helped me land my first job in the accounting field. Even though my first accounting job was at the bottom of the totem pole, it was a foot in the door I would not of had otherwise. Some people may not think furthering their education after high school helps, but I do.

A college degree can and will help, not only for getting your foot in the door but also with more job opportunities. My college degree has helped me with my career, with various different career opportunities, and with my income.